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In every city, there is "Red NPC", one is called "Trophies Shop". Press the Tab "scroll" then for 1 gold purchase the gold arrowhead.
Read the restriction of the scroll carefully.
Finish the talisman collection. Find the talismans in the Trophies shop and FGW.
If the game is offline ( check the amount of players connected in the website. It should be 0) the button wont appear, then you have to wait the end of the maintenance. If the game is online, extract again taurus reborn.rar, then start the launcher, it will patch again and fix your problem.
You need to be at least level 20 to be eligible to receive your credits. you can get credit from 5/6 website. Click on the vote button until the process is done. Back to Taurus-reborn website click on receive credit on the bottom of the vote page.
Refresh your page if you want see the credit added.
Seal of star items are able to get from monsters and magic pop, magic pop is one of the rewards in the job reward system!
Seal of moon items are able to get from mobs and magic pop, magic pop is one of the rewards in the job reward system!
You can obtain any sun item which is not weapon regularly from mobs.
The only way to obtain seal of sun weapon is to complete the talismans series, you can collect the talismans from the trophies system, or normally from the forgotten world.
On the trophies shop you can find all the talismans except the two last cards. The last two talismans are able to get from the "Random talisman scroll" ( for low chances ), or from the forgotten world.
Chinese passive skill has been raise to be more powerful. For Example, Heuksal which adds HP, if you got level 10, you should've gotten 102 HP, instead of that you will get 204 HP.
You can download it from here
The game or the website is under construction. Refresh the page sometimes (F5) to check if the website is back online.
Europe have 2 mastery skills (200), Chinese have 4 mastery skills (400).
Go to the guild room in discord then ask for a guild.
Sent a ticket via the website
Ask for help in discord or the global chat, or use the exp helper scroll
  • Killing normal uniques
  • Killing players in CTF
  • Winning special events
  • Goods stealing
  • Rangking
you can find inventory scroll in the trophee shop and in the item mall
Yes, by participating to the vote from the website, event and killing unique